Anatomy 19: Adequate, March 22

anatomy 19 master.jpg
The dread lorries of brexit rumble slowly across a grassy horizon before a grey pink dawn

Anatomy #19
Friday 22 March 2019, 8pm, Summerhall

There will be a basic standard of entertainment for all. We anticipate that there will be acts for everybody, but you may need to share. The art shall be sufficient and the safety standards in the vicinity of expected targets. Some negligible sacrifices may have to be made, but we believe that, in the end, these are worth it for the greater good: an adequate cabaret. We’re all in it together. We hope to have sufficient numbers of seats. In 2019, ANATOMY pledges to provide the very minimum amount of performance that is needed to survive, but accepts that, in the short term, some of it will come in dehydrated, powdered form.

ANATOMY is a quarterly live art cabaret based in Edinburgh’s Summerhall, featuring astonishing work in dance, performance art, burlesque, clownery, music, physical theatre and more.

WITH Philip Bedwell, Lisette Boxman, Kasper Klop, Teatro Tentato and new work from multi-artform supergroup Sweætshops, Medis, Jane Loveless and Rory Thom.

AND full integrated British Sign Language interpretation throughout.

PLUS austerity and adequacy from your anatomical hosts, Ali Maloney and Harry Josephine Giles

The Acts

Fit for Purpose.jpg
A chair in the dark lit by a single spotlight

Fit for Purpose
Philip Bedwell

A body. An object.
Structures formed and tested.
Repeated rituals. A questioning of self-limitation and self-perception.

Philip is a London based live artist who worked as a professional wrestler across Europe for 22 years. His work currently focuses on masculinity, identity and physicality. We’re welcoming Philip back to Anatomy after 2017’s Defence Wounds, which went on to be staged at the SPILL Festival of Performance.  Fit for Purpose is a new action-based work of live art about the moment things break apart.
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An impish, trollish blue face grins at the camera.

The Trol Chef
Lisette Boxman

The Trol Chef loves food. Full fat, sugary and fun food. And he’s from a world without magazines, television and Instagram telling him that that’s not OK. With a table of ingredients, an oven, and a spectacular singing voice, the Trol Chef is here to share.

Lisette ‘The Dutchess’ Boxman is a chanteuse, puppetteer, and all around comic genius, As well as her solo work, she is a Creative Director of travelling circus Elsewhere, made up of performers, artists, musicians, circus and craft folk.
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A bearded person tosses an apple into the air before a paint-splattered sheet

Eve & Adam
Kasper Klop

Eve and Adam is a fusion of hand puppetry and Hip-Hop dance with a twist of clownish comedy. All the ingredients needed to retell, or reinterpret, this old tale. With hands as puppets, a voice for sound effects and a body to dance, this is an attempt at creating a whole world from nothing. After all, if God blew the world into existence, how hard can it be?

Multitalented actor and dancer Kasper Klop is based in Paris, and has toured extensively with TNT theatre. He co-staged and choreographed the Fuze Bristol 2014 dance show and is no developing more personal solo work.
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A baby sloth peaks out from a cardboard box. Image by Jonathan Trumbull.

The Box
Teatro Tentato (Francesca Laini and Andrew Simpson)

What would you do if a completely mysterious object appeared in your life out of the blue? How would you react if your world was turned upside down by fear of the unknown? Two sloths have to confront the question the question: what would you do if a box suddenly appeared in your life? Physical theatre with singing in which two sloths, not particularly sharp, try to figure out how they feel and what to do when a mysterious object appears in their world.

Teatro Tentato is a new artistic collaboration between actress Francesca Laini and theatre maker Andrew Simpson, a project for human beings, no matter their age or land. Andrew Simpson is a theatre maker, actor and clown.

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theresa may wedding photo
A sparse black union jack superimposed over Theresa May’s wedding photo.

The Research Chymical *******
Sweætshops, Medis, Jane Loveless, Rory Thom

This day, today
Is the Royal ******* day.
For this thou wast born
And by the will of the people
Thou mayest go to the event
Whereon two temples stand
And see there this affair.
Keep watch!
Inspect thyself!
And shouldst thou not bathe throughly,
The ******* May work thy bane.
Bane comes to those who faileth here.
Let thou beware who is too light.
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A new marriage, divorce and noise ritual from collaborative supergroup with avatars of Sweætshops, Petroleum Genderloss and painter-performer Rory Thom.

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