Necessary and vital to the growth of the arts in Edinburgh
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Anatomy is a regular performance cabaret based in Edinburgh. We bring many different sorts of artforms and many different sorts of artists together for events to surprise, shock and delight. For details on the accessibility of our venue, and how we can support you to be part of Anatomy, see our Accessibility page. For our creative manifesto, read on.

Anatomy celebrates the popular and the weird, the joyous and the disturbing, the comforting and the bizarre. We believe strongly that experimental performance can (and should!) delight its audiences even as it unsettles, confuses, terrifies or otherwise changes them. We will always give audiences a good night out, and we will always make sure they have seen something utterly new. We want artists to propose projects they have not done before, in ways they have not tried before. We want artists and audiences to do dangerous experiments. We are not scared of programming something one audience member does not like, as long as five minutes later they see something they can absolutely adore. Our twin inspirations are the Victorian music hall and the underground performance art club night.

Anatomy believes that art is better the more different the people are who are making it. We want to highlight the work of marginalised groups, and artists who frequently face oppressions due to disability, gender, race and sexual orientation. We are committing material resources to ensuring our events grow more accessible over time, and we actively support multiple forms of accessibility for artists and audiences.

Anatomy wants to meet new people. We really like our friends and are happy to see them, but we don’t want to perform for the same people all the time, and we don’t want to see the same people perform all the time. We will always actively reach out to new arts communities and new potential audiences: we will curate the people in our performance rooms as much as the art they see.

Anatomy does not recognise the boundaries of genre. We will mercilessly mash together clown and dance, body-based art and acrobatics, experimental film and magic tricks, noise music and ballad poetry, and many artforms we haven’t heard of yet. We want to introduce the audiences and artists of different artforms to each other, and make sure that everyone leaves Anatomy with different ideas about how art can be made.

Anatomy wants to talk about things that matter. Each of our events will be themed around contemporary personal, social and global concerns, and will encourage artists to find unusual ways to talk about important things. We want our audiences to think differently about big ideas, sometimes without realising they’re doing so.

Anatomy cares about the health of our arts sector. We curate our events with sensitivity to the local performance ecology, finding new niches and cross-fertilising genres. We will agitate for a stronger national sector through what and how we programme. We will work for an international outlook through the broad range of our programming and our commitment to multiple forms of accessibility.

Anatomy wants everyone to have a good time.

“A great gift for a performer.”
– Lucille Teppa, Tessitura