Anatomy #22 Decimate SummerhallAnatomy #22: Decimate. People dancing, jumping and celebrating. Image Credit: Rich Dyson

During this global pandemic, ANATOMY is taking some time to re-group, scheme and plan ahead for the future. We are watching and listening to our sector and our society, looking at how we can continue to deliver our weird yet wonderful multi-artform cabarets for adults and children in Scotland.

Earlier this year we brought to your screens leaves from our Bone Library, showcasing videos from our archive and interviewing artists who have performed in the Anatomy Lecture Theatre. We continue to make an active response to the BAME Writers Network Call to Action and will commit to building anti-racism throughout our work. We have supported the Fringe of Colour with providing funds for BSL interpretation and captioning for their live events in August.

The ANATOMY team is made up of freelancers who are creatively and professionally multi-faceted. We are all working away at our jobs and freelance projects, whilst also future planning during this period.

An illustration of The Storyteller with a person sitting crossed leg on the pavement next to a lake with trees, flowers and crows.

Our Artistic & Administrative Director, Harry Josephine Giles is busy curating the Not Going Back to Normal Project; recently released a new interactive story with RCS; and new eating experience with Steph Marsden.

Ali sitting at an office desk in a suit speaking into a microphone. Image credit: Elly White

Our other Artistic Director, Ali Maloney is regrouping on how to develop his collaboration with Lewis Sherlock, AFTER METAMORPHOSIS; in the laboratory cackling over rough drafts of Caledonian Gothic 2; and, making ritualist drone noises for his own amusement.

Grisly Faye performing on stage in front of a mixer and microphone. Image credit: Brian Hutchinson

Our Technical Director, Brian Hutchinson is delivering live-streamed events and gigs with Limbic TV and AluhpaSonics Studio in Edinburgh. Shows are twice weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays; you can find out more at Upcoming artists include Kate Young and DJ Salad.

Lots of small victorian dressed puppets hanging on strings. Image credit: Elly White

Our Marketing & Production Director, Melanie Purdie continues to work for Puppet Animation Scotland and is producing events and projects for independent artists and companies; continuing to navigate presenting outdoor and online work in this new climate.

ANATOMY is made possible by receiving grants funding from Creative Scotland and with one grant complete, we are working on our next submissions, which means that there will be no cabarets for the foreseeable future – but we will be back before you know it! This isn’t the last of us! You can’t get rid of us that easily!

We will continue to answer emails and be available to artists who want to connect with us. We will continue to support other organisations whose work aligns with ours (ANATOMY Manifesto). We will continue to advocate for the artistic community within our remits as we navigate what the new normal for our sectors look like as they shift shape and change.

We will update our social media and newsletter when we have further updates. In the meantime, we still want to hear from you. You can keep in touch and up to date by:

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