Anatomy 20: Mollycoddler

Anatomy 20: Mollycoddler
Friday June 28th, 8pm
Summerhall, Edinburgh

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“The Mollycoddler descends to consume you. All red velvet drapery and sequences of shattered wrists, the Mollycoddler swaddles you in frilly padding and pockmarks the skin with peepholes. Peek into the flesh of your comrades and compatriots. Marvel
at the finery wrapping their innards and outards. The Mollycoddler comes to those bound to ornate oak posts and whose skin is a palimpsest of lipstick sigils. Hands extend from its gnashing and prancing clockwork, running fingers that smell like formaldehyde through your hair. Its jukebox voice scratches out pre-recorded oohs and aahs as it fusses over you, pruning your being into product: perfectly preserved mollie sapiens.”

ANATOMY is a quarterly live art cabaret based in Edinburgh’s Summerhall, featuring astonishing work in dance, performance art, burlesque, clownery, music, physical theatre and more.

WITH Alima Askew, L.A.R.D.S., Daniel Navarro Lorenzo, Shannon Mulvey & Jorja Izabela James, and Sarah McWhinney & Fergus Hall.

AND full integrated British Sign Language interpretation throughout.

PLUS multifariousness and mellifluence from your anatomical hosts, Ali Maloney and Harry Josephine Giles

The Acts


The Subtle Doctor
Alima Askew

‘Behind every great man there is a great woman’ = ‘Behind every Popeye is an Olive’ = ‘Behind every dunce is a witch’

A performance action about dunces and witches.

Dracul Bat image

Dracul [abridged], Or, The Phantasmal Adventures and Ripping Fate of one Clown Dracula (deceased).

Dracul is an ensemble experimental theatre piece devised by a new company of Scotland’s finest physical comedians and visual theatre creators. Peppered with slapstick silliness, visual poetry, choral singing, stage magic and terrible terrible dread.

L.A.R.D.S. is a new Scottish visual theatre ensemble featuring are Lewis Sherlock, Andrew Simpson, Ruxandra Cantir, Dylan Read and Sita Pieraccini.


a fragile geography: PLACES
Daniel Navarro Lorenzo

What does nature mean to us? What do we remember of nature in the urban landscapes of streets, museums and parks? What will we remember in the future when all nature is artificial? This new dance piece will follow the music into dreams of the synthetic environment.


Curated Pleasure
SM and Jorja Izabella James

Enter our world of feminist witch BDSM pleasure. Come and join our coven of womxn as we activate your senses and collectively destruct patriarchy. A riotous exultation to the deities who give us the strength to become warriors.


Long Green Jaws
Sarah McWhinney and Fergus Hall

Long Green Jaws is an improvising duo of Sarah McWhinney and Fergus Hall. Together they create improvisations which flow between acoustic and electronic sounds using cello, violin, hydrophone and vocals. Using live projections of tactile materials suspended in water they create immersive performances that explores textural sounds and rhythms, inspired by the movements of water.

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