Anatomy 17: Sam Satyr’s Breaking News Action Playset

Anatomy 17 image adults.jpg

16th March, Summerhall, 8pm

The satyrs are braying. Half human and half goat, they sip the headlines from staticky televisions and pour their newswine up into phones and tablets. Each comic belch and teasing tail-swish reverberates across the world. Have you marked yourself safe yet? They build towering emoji monoliths to which we flock, hungry for the truth. Resistance arises, of course: ‘Which 60s revolutionary hero are you?’ You might have fifteen unread notifications right now: you’d better check.

ANATOMY is a quarterly live art cabaret based in Edinburgh’s Summerhall, featuring astonishing work in dance, sound, performance, drag, rope & more more more

WITH Cottrell & Mills, Faux Theatre, Jordan & Skinner, King Biff & Lars, and Kasia Zawadzka

PLUS headlines and hokum from your horrifying hosts, Ali Maloney and Harry Josephine Giles

AND British Sign Language interpretation throughout from Yvonne Waddell.

Buy tickets from Summerhall: £7!

For more information on the acts, read on:

Two people in brown workclothes lying on a mound of dirt, their heads resting on pulpy piles of broken orange fruit, under a blue-grey sky.

Cottrell and Mills

Lydia Cottrell is a dancer, performer, apocaloptimist NASA lover and is prepping for the end of the world. Ben Mills is a live artist, bread maker, mover, rugby player, pun lover and lacks time management skills. They are now working together.
ATOMIC is a physical exploration into small actions that have huge consequences, the ethics of power and decision making. The work also draws inspiration from the cold war, Russian sleep experiments, the Manhattan Project and CIA MKUltra mind control experimentation.
There might be explosions.
Content note: sudden loud noises, sexual themes.
let it go 2_preview
A person dressed in black and looking resolved, one hand open in the air, with a plastic sheet flying behind her.

Faux Theatre

A visual theatre solo about overwhelm. A silent dialogue between a psychotherapist and a large piece of polythene sheeting.

Content note: strong themes of mental suffering.

F @FauxTheatre : S @DaveBeMac : W

Two people in survival clothing among a pile of signs: THE END IS NEAR, PREPARE YOURSELF, DON’T PANIC!, WATCH OUT!

The Time Machine
Jordan & Skinner

A feminist look at the future of the human race, loosely based on The Time
Machine by HG Wells

F @JordanandSkinner : T @joandskin : W

A moody black-and-white shoot. Two people with ties and bras look moodily at the camera, one’s head on the other’s shoulder. They’re holding a pair of scissors. It reminds you of t.A.T.u.’s album cover. It looks pretty gay.

t.A.T.u.: A Tribute
King Biff & Lars


Remember t.A.T.u.?  Lena and Julia? The Russian pop stars whose kiss in their music video ‘All The Thing’s She Said’ sparked international controversy?  If you don’t then this performance probably isn’t for you. But we remember. That kiss. That video. The knot in our stomachs. The media feeding frenzy.  This was the first lesbian kiss we had ever seen. A kiss constructed for the male gaze to titillate the masses.

Join t.A.T.u superfans Lars (PhD in International Lesbianism and half of Porn Choir) and Biff (cheeky bastard and Drag King extraordinaire) on a slippery journey back to 2002 as they pay homage to the ‘sexy Russian starlets’, lesbian fantasy clown style, and finally ascertain once and for all if they are in fact raging dykes. ALL WILL BE REVEALED.

‘Maybe we are having sex every night, maybe not – I can’t understand why everyone thinks we’re lesbians’ -Julia

Content note: sexual themes, reappropriated slurs.

F @KingBiff : I @kingbiff_ : W

A person is suspended from a wooden ring by layers of rope. She is bandaged and red liquid is running down her body.


Kasia Zawadzka aka SkinnyRedHead

The experience of an abusive relationship, told in slow motion through rope art and self-suspension.

Since I remember, I was fascinated by multiple art disciplines mixed together. In my creations I manipulate the art of Shibari and aerial disciplines to articulate something deep, primal and impulsive within myself while harnessing a degree of control, rhythm and expression that illustrates a feeling or a narrative too powerful to verbalize. The sensations and emotions that I experience during my performances are my language and with them I interact and respond to my audience. The result is a shared experience, a dialogue which changes depending on the atmosphere and circumstances of each performance and an experiment in physical expression and movement.

Content note: contains knives, simulated bloodletting, strong themes of physical and sexual abuse

F @SkinnyRedHeadArt : I @SkinnyRedHeadArt : W

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