Anatominis #4: Sam Satyr’s Breaking News Action Playset

Anatomy 17 image kids

Anatominis #4
11am, March 18th, Summerhall, Edinburgh
£5 (kids fo free)

Our special Sunday matinee for 0-5s (and everybody else) is back! We’ve curated a weird and wonderful line-up of performance made especially with the early years in mind. Featuring laughter and dance, magic and music, we’re on a mission to make wonderful art that can entertain and enthrall every age of human. It’s a relaxed environment where strange and silly things can happen, with a bit of crafting, a bit of performance, and some playful questions about what those screens are that people keep staring at.

We have buggy parking, step-free access, accessible toilets, an open door policy so you can come and go as needed, and BSL interpretation.

Tickets available now


Calum MacAskill
The Colour Out Of Space

A strange world of light and sound; creatures from the depth of the mind and far reaches of space, roll, crawl, jingle and squawk across the landscape.


Ursula Cheng

Live Light

A live light drawing adventure looping simple animations in front of your eyes, using new technology to bring you into the action.


Life in Emoji
Anna Chaney and Marta Soriano

A filmmaker and a classical flute player (who are also both dancers) try to make sense of many strange faces.

Astral Projekt

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Sweætshops® cordially welcomes you to the launch of the Astral
Project, the first mission planned to sever the silver cord into the void.

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