ANATOMY #14 / ANATOMINIS #3: Call for Proposals

Anatomy is a regular performance cabaret based in Edinburgh. We bring many different sorts of artforms and many different sorts of artists together for events to surprise, shock and delight. For details on the accessibility of our venue, and how we can support you to be part of Anatomy, see our Accessibility page. For our latest call for proposals, for which we welcome applications in multiple formats including video, read on.

A satellite is hovering above a grey-blue stormy earth, while green text (copied below) gives the event details.

ANATOMY #14: 2016, Nuke It from Orbit, December 9th
ANATOMINIS #3: My First Warp Drive, December 11th

Multi-Arts Cabarets for All Ages

Call for Proposals: Deadline October 30th

Dropships descend through the lacerated skies to strap explosives around the planet, its surface scorched by riots and pitted with celebrity graves. Pan-dimensional demolition experts gather to witness this, the solar system’s first scheduled temporal destruction. There are good years, there are bad years, there are years which leave us no alternative but to nuke them from orbit, because it’s the only way to be sure. And yet there is hope: the infants of this planet have gathered together to build their first warp drive and have just pressed its big green button…

ANATOMY is a quarterly live art cabaret based in Edinburgh’s Summerhall. We are pleased to announce 2016: Nuke It From Orbit and My First Warp Drive, a very special double bill of events, augmenting our regular sparklestorm of performance variety with an ANATOMY matinee (or ANATOMATINÉE) fashioned specially for families with babies and toddlers aged 0-5, kindly supported by Imaginate.

We are looking for fearless proposals, 5-30 minutes in length, of things that can be presented in a room with an audience, regardless of trend, style, medium or insurgent faction. This quarter we would like you to send off 2016 in the way it deserves. Hold a seance, build a glitter-bomb, propose a post-democracy socialist utopia, set us adrift on flaming Viking longboat: take back the energy and sweat that you invested in 2016! (But if you have a better idea, then ignore ours: strict thematic adherence is not essential.)

The Anatomy company laughing and hosting
The Anatomy performing company: on the left, Ali Maloney, laughing at the sky, dressed in a scary clown t-shirt and cap; in the centre, BSL signer Yvonne Waddell, wearing black and pink and signing dynamically; on the right, Harry Giles, who looks like they’re singing, wearing a jazzy top and blue skirt.

You can propose a piece for grown-ups (Friday) or young uns aged 0-5 and their carers (Sunday), or, for the truly courageous and inventive artist, a piece that will work equally well for both audiences. We are challenging you to create startling new work for scrappy dos, tiny toons and animaniacs which can also be enjoyed by their bigger, human guardians (but if you just want to perform at one of the events, we still want to hear from you). We will provide mentoring and advice to people interested in performing for early years but not sure where to start: you just need the idea.

ANATOMY is especially welcoming of artists who face marginalisation, including D/deaf and/or disabled people, LGBT+ people, women, people of colour, working class people, and people from any related background or identity. We have a full accessibility policy to support this work, and all our events are BSL-interpreted. If you feel you are often excluded from performance opportunities, we would like to include you and hear how we can do that better. We have a budget to help meet individual access needs.

Anatomy 12 performer Mamoru Iriguchi, dressed in a cuddly suit as Lionel the lion, with Cow emerging joyfully from his chest.
Anatomy 12 performer Mamoru Iriguchi, dressed in a cuddly suit as Lionel the lion, with Cow emerging joyfully from his chest.

Selected acts will receive:
– A £100 fee for the performance, plus travel expenses
– Accommodation if needed with Anatomy family and friends
– Rehearsal space in Summerhall as required
– Full technical support for the show
– Photo documentation of the performance

We are currently unable to host aerial performances. One day we will be able to fly.

For more on what we’ve done, see our past events.

To apply, please download and complete an application form and a voluntary diversity monitoring form (click to download) and return, completed, to by midnight of October 30th (that is, the moment of gorgeous terror between October 30th and October 31st which is not quite one day, not quite the other). See our blog for advice on how to write a good applications. We welcome proposals in alternative formats, including video, if this is better for you; please contact us for details.

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