Anatomy #13: Visions of Life in the Infinite Maze

Anatomy is a regular performance cabaret based in Edinburgh. We bring many different sorts of artforms and many different sorts of artists together for events to surprise, shock and delight. For details on the accessibility of our venue, and how we can support you to be part of Anatomy, see our Accessibility page. For our next event, read on.

anatomy 13 b


Multi-Arts Cabaret, September 23rd, 8pm, Summerhall

Seven Shiny Pounds Entry

On a trail of breadcrumbs and red thread, you move swiftly through the labyrinth. Shadows at the edge of your sight congeal into beasts and doorways. The cracks and moss in the maze’s brickwork seem to hint at a map, but it never fully makes sense. Through twists and turns and dead-ends and courtyards and gardens of statues, you chart this ever-shifting reality. Flames flicker in the sky like sprites. They speak to you: don’t worry … every way is the right way…keep going … the maze is endless but it is your maze …

ANATOMY is a quarterly live art cabaret based in Edinburgh’s Summerhall. We are tickled and terrified to announce the line-yup for Visions of Life in the Infinite Maze, our new edition about where our minds get lost.

The event is BSL-interpreted and texts of performances are available on request.

Tickets are £7 and are available now from Summerhall

Featuring whips, juggling balls, explosions, knots of rope, knots of language, knots of the mind, and secret special prizes

And featuring the talents of Antonia Mae, Enormous Yes, Rebecca Morris & co., Ro-nin & Xian, Ross McCleary, sean burn, and twisty pasages of nonense from your hosts, Ali Maloney and Harry Giles.

promopic Antonia_object-less

Antonia Mae

If your happiness depends on something else than yourself, could you ever let got of it?
Object-less” is a solo performance by Antonia Mae exploring the destructive relationship between a juggler and her objects, and her struggle trying to escape her desire, need and addiction to juggle.  This is a piece about happiness and madness and the very subtle line in between.


Enormous Yes

Remember when you came in with mud on your shoes and your mummy clipped your ear too hard?
Remember the way the hallway stretched out and your blood felt hot?
You sit just there Kate and you’ll be fine.

May 28th 1979. Kate follows Roland into the Club Bar. Paradise is a still image of an exploding woman and the city that explodes with her, in dramatic sound-and-video theatre.

Dame Theresa and The Whippettes
Rebecca Morris, Rafael Perreira Rego, Rose Mary, Yao Liao

Dame Theresa and The Whippettes are an act for today’s Britain. This is a celebration of multiculturalism and inclusivity for all races, backgrounds, genders and sexuality – all in the name of England! Em… we mean Britain! This is a celebration of powerful women in politics and the culture of the dominatrix. Watch Dame Theresa whip those pesky rascals into shape! And we mean those mischievous chaps running riot in the chambers of course!


The Haze
Ro-nin & Xian

A rope dance between two bodies, two minds – one mind? Impulse, emotion becomes motion then emotion again.


Portrait of the Artist as a Viable Alternative to Death
Ross McCleary

A live rendition of the newly published novella. An artist’s manifesto, a one-sided conversation, a desperate plea to be saved, the performance will explore the life and work of the titular artist and the dark places into which he has gone to create art. The work will be performed at random based on numerical values generated by the audience. Watch as Ross delves into the labyrinth of the Artist’s mind… but will he escape?

sean burn fragile

with added nuts
sean burn

is a wittily honest live art look thru my eyes as someone with long-term lived experience of mental distress and who now uses the arts to ‘reclaim the languages of lunacy’. i examine the stigmatising language and find beauty within those wounding words. there are even opportunities to win genuine original art prizes!

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