Anatomy #14 (Adults): 2016, Nuke it From Orbit

Anatomy is a regular performance cabaret based in Edinburgh. We bring many different sorts of artforms and many different sorts of artists together for events to surprise, shock and delight. For details on the accessibility of our venue, and how we can support you to be part of Anatomy, see our Accessibility page. To find out about our next event, read on.


ANATOMY #14: 2016, Nuke It from Orbit
December 9th, 8pm

Multi-Arts Cabaret

Summerhall, Edinburgh

Dropships descend through the lacerated skies to strap explosives around the planet, its surface scorched by riots and pitted with celebrity graves. Pan-dimensional demolition experts gather to witness this, the solar system’s first scheduled temporal destruction. There are good years, there are bad years, there are years which leave us no alternative but to nuke them from orbit, because it’s the only way to be sure. And yet there is hope: the infants of this planet have gathered together to build their first warp drive and have just pressed its big green button…

ANATOMY is a quarterly live art cabaret based in Edinburgh’s Summerhall. Our final blow-out extravaganza for adults is 2016: Nuke It From Orbit. Featuring astonishing work from Lori Baldwin, Zeynep Dagli, Sara Zaltash & Rob Pallet, and Julien Lonchamp & the Apostrophe Ensemble. PLUS brand new performances from the Anatomy Associate Artists, Emily Phillips and Sandra Alland. AND zappers and zeppelins from your zonked out hosts, Ali Maloney and Harry Giles. WITH British Sign Language interpretation throughout from Yvonne Waddell. Yes, it’s the Anatomy to end all Anatomies (i.e. the one we spend all out remaining budget on): buy tickets now from Summerhall.

For more information on the acts, read on:

Zeynep Dagli
Negotiation Between Madness and Sanity

In a dark room with their face lit, a person is baring their teeth in a wide grimace, as if just about to scream.

Negotiation between Madness and Sanity is a collaborative project that involves us screaming without restraint. It proposes to engage directly with our right to scream as an attempt for a negotiation between what we call madness and sanity. The audio/visual piece encourages the public to explore ‘screaming’ as a societal and personal function while aims to provoke a conversation and collaboration with the creative and positive aspects of this meditative and therapeutic urgency.

Visual and audio. Content note: some sudden loud noises.

Lori Baldwin
The Villages


I’d like to invite you to engage in an exercise with me.

It’s an exercise in channeling emotions into a physical action.

THE VILLAGES sets the conditions for an intimate encounter that’s playfully erotic and physically challenging. It’s a request, an experiment, a proposal.

Primarily visual and physical, some background audio, minimal text. Content note: contains nudity, erotic themes, and consensual pain

Sara Zaltash & Rob Pallett
You Couldn’t Make It Up!

You Couldnt Make It Up.jpg

A game show played by the forces of darkness, where will to power is the only winner. Rabbie Pallet is your glitzy, shoulder-padded host who hypes and delights in equal measure. Sazzle Moustafatash is his glamourous, beneficent, almost nun-like assistant in hijab and sequins. Journey back into 2016 with them and find either painful acceptance or enjoyable denial of this year!

Speech, movement, text, chaos.

Julien Lonchamp & the Apostrophe Ensemble
Melody Cycle #2


Founded by composer and videomaker Julien Lonchamp, the Apostrophe Ensemble project explores how sound and music work at the interface with other disciplines, investigating novel collaborative possibilities with film, visual art, dance or science (

Melody Cycle ♯2 is an audiovisual piece for woodwind ensemble based on the process of “note phasing”, in which similar motifs gradually go out of phase with each other, creating new harmonic and rhythmic patterns throughout the piece. The cycle of melodies created was mapped onto the back of a postcard based on composer James Tenney’s concept of “Postal Pieces” and will be projected during the performance.

Live music and video.

Lewis Sherlock
Unclear Nuclear Word War

Lewis Sherlock read the brief for ANATOMY #14: 2016, Nuke It from Orbit, and decided he had too much to say on the matter, so instead of submitting his usual proposal — where he may violently shake and then speak some words — he decided he would hand over all of his (copious…!) material to the compeers to do whatever there little black inky hearts desire with it… they are writers, award winning and renowned poets in their own right after all he thought to himself—they’ll know what to do with it all… maybe they’ll perform a ritual with it and sacrifice it to the gods of performance art; never to be heard, maybe they will take the idea and use it as toilet paper before ejecting it out of the airlock of their rocket as they Nuke it from Space?

PLUS these specially-commissioned performance from the 2016 Anatomy Associate Artists

Sandra Alland

Still from ‘Equivalence’. 9 people sat on and around a bed looking to camera. L to R: Robert Softley-Gale, Nathan Gale, Lake Montgomery, Sandra Alland, Izdihar Alodhami, Bea Webster, Cate Lauder, Matson Lawrence, Chris Red.

You are in an elevator…

Storytelling collides with non-binary gender, disability and Einstein’s Equivalence Principle – in a multimedia reading of Sandra Alland’s short story, ‘Equivalence’ (Thought X: Fictions and Hypotheticals, Comma Press, 2016).

‘Equivalence’ examines the tension between using your imagination to create characters in your head versus being presented with single embodiments of characters onstage – and what that means regarding race, class, disability and gender. Anatomy has supported Sandra to integrate film, movement, and disabled and D/deaf access (including audio description, captions and BSL).

Featuring Alland, Izdihar Alodhami, Nathan Gale, Dr. Ana Jofre, Cate Lauder, Matson Lawrence, Lake Montgomery, Chris Red, Robert Softley-Gale, Andra Simons and Bea Webster. BSL by Lisa Li. Cinematography and live visual manipulation by Ania Urbanowska.

Trailer here:

Emily Philips
A night at the opera


….An investigation into the life of an opera singer, the voice, the world and the rituals. Combining explorations in movement, voice, beauty and the bouffon, we’ll discover together what lies between the musical notes and each other…

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