Close Book, Open Book

Dear ones,

Anatomy is currently on hiatus. We have closed Book One, our first two and a half years of operation. We have committed to applying for funding so that we are able to reopen Book Two of Anatomy, with more events, professional rates for artists and producers, and stranger happenings. Book Two will open when we are able to achieve this, and we are using all the time we have while not producing events to make this happen!

In the mean time, you may be interested to view our Open Book Accounts. As part of our commitment to artists and audiences, Anatomy will make its annual accounts available online. We believe in supporting grassroots promoters and artists to make events happen: we hope these accounts provide some guide to how we’ve worked for the past two years. These are currently minimal in detail: when we’re paid more for our time, we want to expand this experiment further as well!



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