Anatomy #10 (The Final Chapter): The Frost Kid Gang go to Desolationland

A spooky doll wearing a Santa beard, with frost creeping over its face.

The Frost Kid Gang go to Desolationland
Friday 12th December 2014, 8pm
Summerhall, Edinburgh
£6 only

“Necessary and vital to the growth of the arts in Edinburgh”
Exeunt Magazine

Ladies and gentlemen and everybody else! ANATOMY is pleased to unveil the line-up for our annual Crimboweenstravaganza, and to announce that it will be The Final Anatomy…

…of Book One. Ali and Harry are taking a programming break to regroup, reimagine, and reacquire filthy lucre so as to be able to reopen a Book Two of Anatomy with more acts, more joy, more terror, and more funding for the artists and producers involved.  More news on this soon, but for now we are proud to present, unwrap, find the batteries for and unleash into an unsuspecting world:

The Frost Kid Gang!

Featuring noise, laughter, bondage, stupid noses, bugs, frost, desolation, dance, and a little crimboween joy!

Featuring Rebecca Green, Melanie Jordan and Emma Anderson, Skinnyreadhead, S.W.A.S., Lewis Sherlock, Lou Lou Voltaire, and a very special surprise guest!

Featuring snowflakes, stardust and slime from your stupefied hosts, Ali Maloney and Harry Giles!

You sound shite. Like, full of shite. Remove me from this shitstream.
— Irate Internet Commenter


Available online from and by phone at 0131 560 1581.

The Acts

Rebecca Green as
Guffhopper in

guffhopper image

“Guffhopper is in town.

People who still laugh at farts after they have become adults are typically dangerous to be around. (FBI, CIA, SAS, Wikipedia)”

Melanie Jordan and Emma Anderson as
Dapperty Gangly and Norville McReach in

2014-11-09 14.27

“She sees her across a crowded beach. Something new. Something funny. Something delightful. She sees her too. Whatever forces them to be apart springs them back together. Laws of emotional gravity. Reactivity. Relational reactivity. ”

Lewis Sherlock as
Roachy Glimmer in
The Throne Drone


“Once you accept that we are- in fact- ruled by insects, it should become apparent that we have both a King and a Queen enthroned. Unfortunately, to their disagreement (although we all have our theories on who wears the trousers) they both have to present the annual grandiose ceremony where they feign concern for the state of things.”

S.W.A.S. as
The Cake Angels in
Haul the Decks

2013-02-02 17.51.54

“Paint thrown all over christmas carols squeezed through electric wires and mashed up with drum machines.”

Lou Lou Voltaire as
The Nose in

Lou Lou Voltaire - promo

Lou Lou The Nose is a nature enthusiast in Desolationland in search of a beautiful flower. With the help the sun and her well-endowed nose she finds just what she’s been looking for. But convincing the flower to be picked proves difficult and Lou Lou must resort to some resourceful ways to have it for herself. A comedic burlesque story of the birds and the bees by Edinburgh-based, Australian burlesque performer Lou Lou Voltaire.

Kasia Zawadzka as
Skinnyredhead in

Above&Beyond Skinnyredhead2

“Skinnyredhead is an international rope based performance artist. She has worked with some of the world’s leading rope practitioners and brings her unique blend of rope and aerial performance to the art world. Skinnyredhead will be demonstrating a beautiful self suspension in her own unique style.”

Sara Zaltash as
The Butcher in

Sara Zaltash

“A genesis of meat, magic and madness. Live artist Sara Zaltash debuts an hypnotic new work about the relationship between the celestial bodies and our internal organs.”

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