Anatomy #5: No! Anything But That!


Anatomy #5: No! Anything But That!

Friday 14th June, Summerhall
7.45pm doors

Anatomy #5 features nine astonishing acts from local and international artists, including contemporary dance, performance film, burlesque, experimental music, ritual theatre, anti-circus, live art and knitting. Each considers that moment of daunting realisation; of pure flabbergast; that primal scream from behind the popcorn-sticky sofa: NO! ANYTHING BUT THAT!

It’ll also feature hogwash and moonshine from your villainous hosts, Ali Maloney and Harry Giles.

A contemporary take on the music hall variety show, ANATOMY is a platform for performance artists of all disciplines; beyond scratch, it creates a stage for risk-taking performance and breath-taking theatrics in Edinburgh’s exciting new multi-arts venue, Summerhall, within a historic anatomy lecture theatre.

“Necessary and vital to the growth of the arts in Edinburgh” — Exeunt Magazine

roxy's hens promo

Roxy’s Hens
Oliver Benton

A public pseudo-performance film following a hen-night-come-fertility-rite, heavy with ritual and superstitious behaviour; absurd, comical and perhaps a little sinister, we follow Roxy’s Hens around the city as they drink, flirt and invoke the old gods in an increasingly deranged and debauched Saturnalian celebration of sexuality, fertility and phallic symbolism, culminating with an offering to Mutunus Tutunus (the priapic deity of marriage) himself.


The Trick
Kat Borrowdale

There is no room for failure in the sharp-sequined arena of Cirque du Flambe! where bodies are finely-honed tools programmed to create the perfect illusion of non-humanness. So what will happen when the one thing the performer’s body was trained so hard to do just won’t work anymore? Can an audience ever really forgive a failure?


Nina Falk

The film addresses the grey areas between medical and aesthetic modifications. How far can we go to create ourselves? When do I stop being me? Does it matter if the alterations are voluntary or not? How much can I change, alter and remove? Can I re-construct, de-construct, and even construct my own identity? This is all an underlying thread; is an artificial disfiguration and manipulation of ourselves now a part of our identity?

Rebecca Green publicity image

Pubic Hair Scarf and Matching Ear Muffs For Cindy (Or Similar Size) Doll
Rebecca Green

The artist will knit a scarf and matching ear muffs out of her own pubic hair, suitable for a Cindy (or similar size) doll, and would like to offer it as a bingo prize at Anatomy 5.

The winner will be required to show that they own a suitable size doll in order to claim the prize, as Rebecca wouldn’t want to give it to any time wasters.

You could bring your doll with you.


Lauren Sarah Hayes and Marcin Pietruszewski.

Margaret is marriage of modern computer techniques with intense analogue synthesizer. Margaret is an improvisation projected around the space, through an array of speakers. She appears in complete darkness, punctuated by flashes of light. Margaret is a collaboration between composer/performers Lauren Sarah Hayes (Scotland) and Marcin Pietruszewski (Poland).

Graceful Warrior Image

Graceful Warrior
Charlotte Jarvis

always a work in progress

Charlotte continues to explore movement, humanity, and the resonance of life…

Graceful Warrior is a discovery of who and where we are today, in this very moment.  To dance the truth, with love and freedom.


Gasmask Geisha
Lottie Kixx

Ms Kixx is a dark and decadent performance arist whose lyrical shows offer an indulgent mix of seductive music, impeccable choreography and exquisite style.

moon bridge

The Moon Ladder
Calum Macaskill

The irresponsible whispers of the past unfold before you in gelatinous, muscular form. Half-vegetable, half-creature, all MADNESS.

growing act

Sara Zaltash

A girl is caught in a trap, suspended high and recorded. She sings all the time as live crickets climb across her patterned skin. See her, hear her.

(image from The Growing Act)

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