Leaves from the Bone Library #1: Fri May 22nd

News of a special inaugural livestream from the Anatomy archive.

leaves from the bone library 1
Two hollowed bones are side by side like binoculars, overlaid with the text below. Image by Alan Levine, licensed under Creative Commons. https://www.flickr.com/photos/cogdog/34546373896/

Anatomy: Leaves from the Bone Library #1
Livestream: Friday 22nd May

Featuring delectable short performance films from Lisette Boxman, Sean Wai Keung, Callum MacAskill and Emily Phillips!

With live hosting from Ali Maloney and Harry Josephine Giles!

Plus audience Q&As with the artists!

All films will be fully subtitled, and the hosting and Q&As will be fully British Sign Language interpreted!

Entry by donation!

* * *

Dusty books bound in blackened leather tower over the Archivist as she oozes down the library walkways. Cast-iron key chains and USB cables trail from under her cowl. Slurping sounds echo from shadowy nooks as the readers’ appendages latch onto the pages to chew in noisy prayer.

It takes days navigating the labyrinthine network of shelves — past strange communions of pop-up books, past gnawed cabinets where books have torn free of their chains — before The Archivist comes to the gate. She peers into the faint green glow of the termina, gargoyles leering over her. She has chanted the password and the security questions daily as part of her meditations, but she has never had to type them in before. It was never needed. But times have changed. It is time to unlock THE BONE LIBRARY.

* * *

BSL Trailer

* * *

Since 2012, ANATOMY has been staging chaotic vaudeville cabarets. We have hosted puppets, popped balloons, smashed watermelons, giant toilets, patriarchy-crushing rituals, noise and smoke, cotton wool and rainbows. We have a bulging archive of brilliant art: the bone library. Now we want to welcome you in.

In strange new times, we want to offer a glimpse into the treasures inside THE BONE LIBRARY, and so we are throwing a remote cabaret. Streaming for one night only will be some of our choicest morsels, with full (remote) hosting from your trusty comperes, Q&As with the artists, and subtitling and BSL interpretation for access. No plague masks, salves, hemlock, wolfsbane or tetrodotoxin will be required.

The Acts

Anatomy #19 Summerhall

A blue-painted troll wearing a fur jerkin is grinning and pouring treacle into a bowl.

Lisette Boxman with The Trol Chef

A hilarious singing cookery session with the most joyous chef around. Bring your cheapest treacle and your richest lard to follow along.

Strongly visual, with music and singing. Contains eating and themes of dieting.


Anatomy #21 - Slander Summerhall
A person wearing a floral-patterned shirt is opening a fortune cookie.

Sean Wai Keung with Fortune

A fragmented story led by chance. It’s about being mixed-race in a mixed-culture world, about how our histories inform our futures, and about love and violence and all the things in-between.

Strongly text-led, with some visuals and movement. Contains descriptions of racism and violence.

seanwaikeung.carrd.co / T @SeanWaiKeung


Callum MacAskill RDP_20160624_anatomy 12__MG_6421
A person wearing furry leggings and a skull mask is brandishing two giant white fans.

Calum MacAskill with The Death Bird

A dance with death, taking flight. Puppetry, maskerade and movement combine to describe a soul’s journey.

Strongly visual, with a soundtrack. Contains death imagery.

F @MacAskillMaskerade / I @graphitegremlin

Emily Philips RDP_20161209_Anatomy XIV__43Q1960
A sad clown wearing a bedsheet is lifting a cup, asking for change.

Emily Phillips with A Night at the Opera

A singer is asking for your help. This still and slow clown-piece asks: will the singer ever sing?

Strongly visual, with singing.


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