Anatominis Early Years Cabaret! March 15th

A toddler in a patterned dress looks up at a performer in a pale blue gown playing the musical saw. In the background, fairy lights.

Anatominis Early Years Cabaret
March 15th, 11am, Summerhall
£5 per adult, bairns go free.

Our special Sunday matinee for 0-5s (and everybody else) is back! We’ve curated a weird and wonderful line-up of performance made especially with the early years in mind, and that can delight their adults too. Featuring laughter and dance, magic and music, we’re on a mission to make wonderful art that can entertain and enthrall every age of human.

We have buggy parking, step-free access, accessible toilets, an open door policy so you can come and go as needed. All speech will have British Sign Language interpretation. The performances are primarily non-verbal.

A performer with a long beard is showing sparkling lights and strange foil creatures to an audience of toddlers, who look enthralled. Everything is bathed in blue light.

For this, our 6th edition of Anatominis, we’ve commissioned two new pieces of work, building multi-sensory interactive environments and performances for the audience.

Theatre Sans Accents is a theatre company that promotes language learning through the arts to children and adults, creating original pieces of theatre by bilingual artists. For Anatominis, they’re making Les Doigts, an exploration of identity, language and communication from the perspective of non-verbal early years children. How do We creatively communicate with parents and other children, and how can we better understand them and use their language? This performance takes place in a specially designed sensory installation, and reconnects us all with playful inner children.

Ruxy Cantir and Sarah Rose Graber are two physical theatre artists from Glasgow. They’re interested in clowning, puppetry, vaudeville and movement. For Anatominis, they’re making Unicorn Dance Party, a multi-aged choreographic spectacular about spreading joy through the power of dance. This glittery unicorns will get everyone clapping their hands and shaking their tails, finding ways to connect different ages and abilities with the dance.

A performer wearing a round yellow all-head mask and a yellow frock is greeting an audience of adults and toddlers. Some are delighted, some a little taken aback. In the background, painted faces are smiling.

Tickets are available from Summerhall, online, in person or by phone. It’s £5 per adult, and bairns go free, but we ask that there’s no more than two bairns per adult.

If you have questions about accessiblity issues, please do contact us.

Three children watch a shadow play on the side of a tent. A goblin is approaching an old dead tree. There’s a golden glow from inside.

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