Anatominis #5

anatominis event

Performance art for the 0-5s
Sunday 1 July 2018
£5 (kids go free)

Our special Sunday matinee for 0-5s (and everybody else) is back! We’ve curated a weird and wonderful line-up of performance made especially with the early years in mind. Featuring laughter and dance, magic and music, we’re on a mission to make wonderful art that can entertain and enthrall every age of human. It’s a relaxed environment where strange and silly things can happen, with a bit of crafting, a bit of performance, and some playful questions about what those screens are that people keep staring at.

We have buggy parking, step-free access, accessible toilets, an open door policy so you can come and go as needed.

FEATURING: Ollie Benton, Andrew Simpson & Ruxy Cantir, and Markee de Saw

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shrip incognito

Shrimp Incognito
Ruxandra Cantir and Andrew Simpson

The Party Shrimp is on the run, trying to evade capture from the most powerful forces in the land. The International Criminal Court have sent their best operative who will use any means necessary to track down, capture and destroy this loveable outlaw. Shrimp Incognito is a colourful, poetic experience to stimulate your imagination and senses, without words. The Party Shrimp is not of this world but you may still recognise him.

Andrew Simpson and Ruxandra Cantir are physical theatre artists who create imaginative theatrical characters and worlds to explore the absurd, the wonderful and grotesque around us.


Seelie Court
Ollie Benton & co

HELLO THERE!! YOU!?Its me here /// again. YOU VISIT SO RARELY^my name is whats your name???>>Look at this>WE’RE GOING TO GO OVER THERE… HERE… {{pay attention}} you do this LISTEN <over here~~~~keep up***have you ever noticed that ±±±follow me § im over here (watch this whats that )( did you kNoW hOw YES you KnOw HoW because you’ve “”always”””” never noticed ||THAT when theres THAT theres THAT??

A person in a fabulous tuquoise dress is posing with a musical saw i the middle of spindly green woods

I Saw Our Future
Markee de Saw

Through music, performance, and the help of her musical saw, Markee de Saw encourages her audience to make and not destroy.  In this piece uses breath and songs to talk to audiences about being creative in saving the environment.  She mixes the beautiful with the destructive in a vintage cabaret style.

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