Anatomy 18: Vaudeville Value Basics

Vaudeville Value Event

Vaudeville Value Basics
Friday 29 June 2018, 8pm, Summerhall

Lights down, curtain up. There will be art. On a stage. It might be cut-price clown, sale-bin sound art, spoken word at a steal, five-finger discount film, or BOGOF bargain burlesque for the burnt budget. The hosts will be silly. There will be applause. No frills. Who can afford frills? Just vaudeville, basics. This is Everyday Essentials Value Anatomy Basics Range, for when the purse is empty and the heart is full.

ANATOMY is a quarterly live art cabaret based in Edinburgh’s Summerhall, featuring astonishing work in performance art, boylesque, music, drag, clownery, dance and more.

WITH Ruxandra Cantir & Andrew Simpson, Tom Harlow, Calum and Luna MacAskill, Alice Roots, Truelove Waits & friends, and a special guest act soon to be announced.

PLUS vanity and villainy from your voluminous hosts, Ali Maloney and Harry Josephine Giles

The Acts

shrip incognito

Shrimp Incognito
Ruxandra Cantir and Andrew Simpson

The Party Shrimp is on the run, trying to evade capture from the most powerful forces in the land. The International Criminal Court have sent their best operative who will use any means necessary to track down, capture and destroy this loveable outlaw. Shrimp Incognito is a colourful, poetic experience to stimulate your imagination and senses, without words. The Party Shrimp is not of this world but you may still recognise him.

Andrew Simpson and Ruxandra Cantir are physical theatre artists who create imaginative theatrical characters and worlds to explore the absurd, the wonderful and grotesque around us.

clowntown 4

Clown Town
Dream World Theatre

When you’re alone and life is making you lonely you can always go…We are Dream World Theatre, we are a strand of Garvald Edinburgh’s performance workshop. We make work that is (sometimes) loud, surreal and proud.  We made Clown Town- it is our newest, finest work.  Clown Town is a show for a real live audience. It’s about getting things a bit wrong and a bit right. It’s about glitter and sweatbands and things that are too sexy for your cat. And dentistry.

Devised and performed by,
Andrew Giffin, Emily Goodwin, James Allison, Jason Stewart, Jeremy Rankin, Kathleen McCormack, Kirsty Biff Nicolson, Nico Anderson, Paul Harris and Ross Smith.

Made in collaboration with Anatomy, Melanie Jordan, Annabel Cooper, and Ania Urbanowska.

TomHarlow_CherryBombRockPhotpgraphy edit

Stripped Bare
Tom Harlow

The show must go on at least that’s what they say no matter what happens the show must go on even if the stripper is stripped bare with nothing left to hold on to but a g string and hope this showboy must go on


Calum and Luna MacAskill

“The beast in me is caged by frail and fragile bars. Restless by day and by night rants and rages at the stars. God help the beast in me”

We all have a Minotaur twisted up inside.

Shame and grief can make monsters and blind you to yourself. A misplaced word, a harsh critisism in childhood, the weight of expectation bend and stamp our bodies into the unrecognisable. External words turns to internal narative bouncing around in a heavy skull. Wagging, scolding fingers become hardened horns to push away and each negative thought becomes a brick in your own personal labyrinth.
The son of a king, the lineage of


Red Onion Rag
Wax Ackers

This exploration of fiction and staging is brought to you by Wax Ackers, a fictional character from a series of unreleased 90s meta-fiction novels. Or were they crime fiction? She uncovers what we tell, how we tell it and the tools we tell it with. Be warned: It’s hairy.


Grimm Femmes
Truelove Waits, The Dutchess and Wild Card Kitty

Grimm Femmes is an experiment in story-telling from three feminist cabaret performers using music, physical theatre and a touch of circus to give well-worn stories their original endings back. Join them for a glimpse behind the scenes of the Cinderella household at the end of a long night at the ball. In the early hours three sisters use song, slapstick and a lot of black coffee to battle for the ultimate prize.

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