Anatomy 16: Call for Proposals

Anatomy is a regular performance cabaret based in Edinburgh. We bring many different sorts of artforms and many different sorts of artists together for events to surprise, shock and delight. For details on the accessibility of our venue, and how we can support you to be part of Anatomy, see our Accessibility page. For our next event, read on.

anatomy16 image
A snowman with terrifying sparkler eyes and a black scarf appears to have opened your back door. At night.

Return of the Frost Kid Gang:
Friday 8 December 2017

Call for Proposals
Deadline 29th October

It has been Christmas Day for almost 23 years. Across the winter wasteland, we huddle against the ice winds. Bellies churning with brandy butter, the only food we can scavenge now is curdled egg nog and mini scotch eggs. Our houses, crumbling under the relentless frost, have been fortified with fairy light razor wire and lawn ornament barricades. Our only warmth comes from the many layers of novelty jumpers and Disney socks. This is how the world ends: not with a bang, but with a Yuletide; the big crunch as the Nativity is reversed and sucked back inside.

Little Jimmy Biscuit marches, determined, on through the snow. The wrapping hangs in tatters from the coffin he drags. He checks his watch, the watch he is gifted anew every single day, now keeping its own eccentric time, and pushes on. He is making his way to the great cave where the Tinsel Spider nests, where he will navigate his way through the labyrinths of holly wreaths, marshmallows, and stilton — where he will plead for Santa’s death, so that Spring can come….

Will YOU join the Frost Kid Gang for their most dangerous mission yet? Do YOU have what it takes to stare into the blazing black heart of XMAS and survive?? Can you lend your skills to the Frost Kid Gang to save them, save yourself, save the world???

RDP_Anatomy 15_201709220082.jpg
The Anatomy hosts on stage! Ali, left, is wearing a spooky tentacle t-shirt and has his arms out wide. Jackie, the BSL interpreter for the night, is in centre, wearing black, and looks quite discocerted. Harry Josephine, right, is wearing a black sequin frock and purple leggings and is pointing over their right shoulder with their thumb.

Funded by Creative Scotland, ANATOMY is a quarterly live art cabaret based in Edinburgh’s Summerhall and occasionally venturing elsewhere. We seek proposals from fearless artists to tell cockamamie half-baked dogtales. Or not. We seek iconoclasts, film-warpers, grotesques, thumpers of technology, immersive weepers, levitating playwrights, jugglers of industrial salvage, puppet dancers and throat gymnasts.

We are looking for fearless proposals, 5-30 minutes in length, of things that can be presented in a room with an audience, regardless of trend, style, medium or preferred solstice festival. For our December event, we want to make snow angels in molten sludge, peek under elves’ green garbs, bankrupt ourselves with temporary plastic happiness. (But if you have a better idea then ignore ours: strict thematic adherence is not essential.)

ANATOMY is especially welcoming of artists who face marginalisation, including D/deaf and/or disabled people, LGBTI+ people, women, people of colour, working class people, and people from any related background or identity. We have a full accessibility policy to support this work. If you feel you are often excluded from performance opportunities, we would like to include you and hear how we can do that better. We have a budget to help meet individual access needs.

RDP_Anatomy 15_201709220263.jpg
ainsleyphilips performing at Anatomy 15: wearing white boiler suits and blue medical gloves, the two grey-haired performers are attaching ribbons and bows to each other and drawing on each other with crayon

Selected acts will receive:
– A £100 fee for the performance, plus travel expenses
– Accommodation if needed with Anatomy family and friends
– Rehearsal space in Summerhall as required
– Full technical support for the show
– Photo documentation of the performance

We are currently unable to host aerial performances. One day we will be able to fly.

For more on what we’ve done, see our past events.

To apply, please download an application form and a voluntary diversity monitoring form and return, completed, to by 23:59pm of 29th October. We welcome proposals in alternative formats if this is better for you; please contact us for details.

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