Introducing Mel, our new Marketing & Production Officer

Anatomy is slowly extending new limbs and strange protrusions: entering our second year of Creative Scotland funding, and with an eye on future weird growth, we’ve brought somebody new into the collective body! Which is to say: we hired. Please welcome Melanie Purdie, our new Marketing & Production Officer. Mel’s going to be helping us find some new and bigger audiences for some of our new events, getting great new people into the room for our quarterly cabarets, help us get the arts industry and media to have a look at what we’re doing, and assisting with production on events — you’ll be hearing a lot more from her. We’re happy! This is she:

static1.squarespace.comMelanie Purdie is a freelance producer based in Edinburgh, with close ties to the city of Leeds. With a passion for festivals and artist development across a range of disciplines, her main interests include live art, theatre and dance. She is keen to work with artists and organisations that are trying to do something new, exciting and different. Her aim is to challenge what the arts can look like; to play a part in re-shaping and re-forming it. Her experience is in producing, programming and event management within the arts. She uses those practices to createher own events and work closely to create progressive and innovative productions with artists and festivals of varying formats and disciplines. She has worked with festivals, organisations and artists; including Madeline Shann, Ryan Van WinkleTransform Festival, Yorkshire Dance, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Summerhall and Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah.

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