Anatomy 12 (Early Years Matinee): Smog Beasts and Sludge Magic

Smog Beasts and Sludge Magic!
Early Years Matinee
June 26th, 2pm, Summerhall (Old Lab)
Family ticket: £5

Weird green things are growing outside! Green plants and grinning robots are coming for a visit, with bizarre tales and swampy music. Will you come to hear what strange things they have to say? Will you join in the amazing dance of the friendly smog beasts and the beautiful swamp magic?

ANATOMY is a quarterly live art cabaret based in Edinburgh’s Summerhall, making multiartform performance for many age groups. We are pleased to announce Smog Beasts and Sludge Magick, a double-bill of events, including this matinee for early years audiences (0-5s) and their grown-ups. (See this page for details of our evening cabaret.)

Our early years cabaret happens in a calm and friendly space, with comfortable seating, space for 0-5s to happy, and nearby changing facilities. Each features a section of child-focussed and genre-bending performance that’s been made for both early years and adult audiences to enjoy.

The event is BSL-interpreted and texts of performances are available on request.

Tickets are £5 per adult, with up to two children attending free per adult. Tickets are available now from Summerhall. Anatomy shows usually sell out in advance, so book now to avoid disappointment!

This event will feature:

Three young children are gazing at a green tent, which has a shadow of a footprint on it.

The Adventures of Sir Moustache Bristleby
Charlotte Hastings and Company

Intrepid explorer Sir Moustache Bristleby is an expert in all things cultural, historical, natural and geographical. He’s traversed the globe- from the depths of the Marianas trench to the vast deserts of Egypt- and he’s encountered many fantastical monsters along the way. Join him for his latest expedition- a thrilling storytelling adventure told through shadow, animation and song.

A person is in a bright orange lion suit, looking surprised

Mamoru Iriguchi

Eaten is a performance piece for families about food. It plays with what eating and being eaten might mean: Mamoru eats, gets eaten and explores the places in between, asking what we should and shouldn’t eat. And who should and shouldn’t eat us.

Content note: features poo. (Not real poo. Just talking about it. So you know.)

Olga Kay

Experts in Short Trousers
Cultural Mongrel Dance Theatre

There’s been a crash landing! You trip over a strange creature lying on the floor. It squeals. You jump. It jumps. And so it begins. With the help of your family you find five unruly, colourful creatures and have to teach them how to move, how to get dressed and how to gather their things. You’ve literally got to teach them everything! Until, one of the aliens shows you how to make music with the objects you find…  Experts in Short Trouers is an intergalactic exploration featuring new choreography from Emma Jayne Park and live percussion from Dave Boyd.

A person in a fabulous tuquoise dress is posing with a musical saw i the middle of spindly green woods

I Saw Our Future
Markee de Saw

Through music, performance, and the help of her musical saw, Markee de Saw encourages her audience to make and not destroy.  In this piece uses breath and songs to talk to audiences about being creative in saving the environment.  She mixes the beautiful with the destructive in a vintage cabaret style.

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