Anatomy 12 Cabarets: Call for Proposals

ANatomy 12
A giant grey factory looms against a green smoggy sky, with trees and houses beneath.


June 24th, 8pm: Cabaret for Grown-Ups
June 26th, 2pm: Matinée for 0-5s

Call for Proposals: Deadline May 8th

Beasts of brick bellow black smoke into the sky. Factories churn out chittering engine angels who breathe green clouds over the crumbling earth. These industrial swarms do battle with their sworn foe, Automotive Rex—bipedal trucks bearing teeth of rusted pistons with a klaxon roar. Their fights trample the dilapidated shanty towns in which the humans huddle. From the wastelands to the east comes a hero—dressed in rags and blast goggles. Who will fight alongside her? Will YOU make a stand against the plague of smog and sludge?

ANATOMY is a quarterly live art cabaret based in Edinburgh’s Summerhall. We are pleased to announce Smog Beasts and Swamp Magick, a very special double bill of events, augmenting our regular sparklestorm of performance variety with an ANATOMY matinee (or ANATOMATINÉE) fashioned specially for families with babies and toddlers aged 0-5, kindly supported by Imaginate.

We are looking for fearless proposals, 5-30 minutes in length, of things that can be presented in a room with an audience, regardless of trend, style, medium or magickal school. This quarter we would like you to tell us what you think about the planet’s elements: earth, air, water, machine. Dance with animatronic steam engines; weave a tapestry of advanced technologies indistinguishable from magick; trade carbon emissions for a kelp burger; play the Threnody of Wilted Flowers as arranged for bulldozer and glass vase. (But if you have a better idea, then ignore ours: strict thematic adherence is not essential.)

You can propose a piece for grown-ups (Friday) or young uns aged 0-5 and their carers (Sunday), or, for the truly courageous and inventive artist, a piece that will work equally well for both audiences. We are challenging you to create startling new work for scrappy dos, tiny toons and animaniacs which can also be enjoyed by their bigger, human guardians (but if you just want to perform at one of the events, we still want to hear from you).

ANATOMY is especially welcoming of artists who face marginalisation, including D/deaf and/or disabled people, LGBTI+ people, women, people of colour, working class people, and people from any related background or identity. We have a full accessibility policy to support this work. If you feel you are often excluded from performance opportunities, we would like to include you and hear how we can do that better. We have a budget to help meet individual access needs. We actively welcome applications in alternative formats; please contact for details.

Selected acts will receive:
– A £100 fee per performance, plus travel expenses
– Accommodation if needed with Anatomy family and friends
– Access to rehearsal space in Summerhall
– Full technical support for the show
– Photo and film documentation of the performance

Two final notes: our show has a cabaret format. We are open to hearing from performance installations and durational work, but would ask you to make suggestions about how it can best be framed as part of or alongside a cabaret show. Lastly, we are currently unable to host aerial performances. One day we will be able to fly.

To apply, please download an Anatomy 12 application form and a voluntary diversity monitoring form and return, completed, to by 23.59pm of Sunday May 8th 2016. We welcome proposals in alternative formats if this is better for you; please contact us for details.


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