Anatomy #10 – Desolationland – Call for Proposals

A spooky doll wearing a Santa beard, with frost creeping over its face.


Friday 12th December 2014, 8-11pm
Summerhall, Edinburgh


Jaim was desperately trying to get the music box working again. “What does it say?” he asked, exasperated.

The bas-relief Heph was studying through cracked, soiled spectacles showed Santa Goose’s return, but this time there were only 6 elves with him and… oh no, it can’t be! Jaim couldn’t see this; not now, not after all they’d come through.

“It’s hard to tell! Part of the wall’s fallen away.”

Suddenly, the music box whirred into action, crankily playing a discordant, lopsided jaunt, and the room began to move.

Who are the Frost Kid Gang? What will happen to them in Desolationland?? Will TellyChristmas be, for once, saved??? Come help us find out in our annual Crimboween special.

ANATOMY is a quarterly live art cabaret based in Edinburgh’s Summerhall and occasionally venturing elsewhere. We seek proposals from fearless artists to tell cockamamie half-baked dogtales. Or not. We seek pirates, film-makers, grotesques, thumpers of technology, total immersion Ant-and-Dec-ations, levitating playwrights, found object spectacles, jugglers of industrial salvage, dancers, puppets and throat gymnasts.

Somewhere between a variety show and a step up from scratch,  we are looking for fearless proposals, 5-30 minutes in length, of things that can happen live in a room with an audience, regardless of trend, style, medium or solstice-based festival affiliation. Also, if you prefer, regardless of our theme. Our fabulous nonsense does not have to inform your proposal, but it can if you like.

ANATOMY is especially welcoming of artists from marginalised and disenfranchised groups, and artists who identify as disabled. If you feel you are often excluded from performance opportunities, we would like to include you and hear how we can do that better.

Selected acts will have access to rehearsal space before the show, a budget of £30, and full technical support.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to host aerial performances. One day we will be able to fly.

Please download this form and return, completed, as a single file (.doc .pdf .odt are all fine) to by Sunday 16th November 2014. We welcome proposals in alternative formats if this is better for you; please contact us for details.

(original images by David Zellaby and Fredrik Matheson on Flickr; licensed and published with some rights reserved under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

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