The Late Night Anatomy Fish Fry
A Surge Cabaret

The Arches, Glasgow
August 1st 2014
10.30pm til midnight


A music hall variety show taken in new directions, with risk-taking, breathtaking performances from artists, dancers, music makers and destroyers, puppeteers, film-makers, clowns, poets, mimes, weirdos and burlesques. Acts from around the UK offer their bodies and hearts for your deep-fried enjoyment. Gamblers with perception and reaction will test your taste buds with new physical live-art in a cabaret to excite, terrify, titillate and intrigue.

Featuring // Manoli Moriaty and Frances Kay // Sarah Roberts // Moreno Solinas // Sara Zaltash // And Your Never-Dying Hosts // Ali Maloney and Harry Giles

there is a blur there is sound there is dancing

Manoli Moriaty & Frances Kay: Symbiosis

Symbiosis describes the close and persistent interaction between organisms of different species. Connected within a technological frame, two contrasting artists become interdependent on each other’s actions. The musician and dancer duo interact with their environment and the audience in this cross disciplinary audio-visual performance, with motion giving birth to sound, and sound being altered by motion. The outcome of the performance is open-ended, determined by the nature of the interaction, be that harmony or antagonism; from dreamy ambient soundscapes alongside delicate theatrics, to intense walls of noise over maniacal staggering.

Manoli Moriaty is a composer and sound maker conducting research on interdisciplinary collaboration at the University of Salford. The Athens-born artists was first allured into music by the mid-90s’ rave scene, and after producing some of Manchester’s most successful club events, he went on to develop mixed-media works with a diverse range of practitioners. Exploring indeterminacy and chance procedures via themes of noise and abused technology, his performances and compositions have been presented at art festivals and academic conferences internationally, and has received support by organisations such as Sound and Music and the Hellenic Electroacoustic Composers Association.

Lancashire born, Frances-Kay is a solo, visual performance artist exploring the effects of performance on the body and mind, using many disciplines such as endurance, duration and self-inflicted pain. Her work includes strong visual aesthetics and currently explores issues of social interest, such as; feminism, religion and personal suffering. The majority of her work involves improvised movement as she seeks to push the boundaries of her practice.


Sarah Roberts: Bloody Avant-Garde

Temple-cleaner Mavis bemoans the arrival of the bloody Avant-garde on her clean floors.  Again.

Sarah Roberts has worked professionally as a cleaner for nearly thirty years, on and off. She also sometimes works with slime moulds and intertextualities.

Uranus 026

Moreno Solinas: Uranus

URANUS is a performance for body and voice. Love and sex, need and fear, spirit and fluid. Entertains the audience with song and performance, then sets them a challenge they weren’t expecting.

Moreno is a contemporary dance choreographer and performer. He was born in Sardinia (Italy) and is currently based in London.
Since 2007 he has created dance works in collaboration with Igor Urzelai. Moreno and Igor’s work is supported by The Place (London) and Escalator Dance. With their company ‘Igor and Moreno’ they create and tour work internationally; they are also amongst the founding members of BLOOM! dance collective.

a glowing face looms from the darkness

Sara Zaltash: SEX – SEX – SEX

SEX – SEX – SEX isnew work that explores pop-song lyircs as collective social memory. Drenched in ultraviolet nostalgia, Sara Zaltash sings and makes explicit statements about sex, sexuality and lust in relation to popular music.

Sara Zaltash (BA Theatre, Film and Television, Bristol; MA Performance, Culture Context, Leeds) reveals transgression by exploring duration through song, poetics and action. Music, philosophy, consciousness and digital life influence her work. She uses recorded sound, singing and musicality to craft autobiographical live action as contemporary legend, as radical parable, as newfound courage. Using site-responsive devising methods, the tangible materials of her work are gleaned from her surroundings. Sharing her experiences of life, love, adventure and failure, she privileges the nomadic voice and performs herself becoming a hero. Out of popular movements, digital lives and ancient practices Sara Zaltash seeks frontiers, pioneers and revolutions.

Since, 2008, Sara Zaltash has performed at the Barbican, Summerhall, Cambridge Junction, Month of Performance Art Berlin, Compass Festival of Live Art, ]performance s p a c e [, Battersea Arts Centre and in various site specifics projects in the UK, Europe, America and Iran.

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