Anatomy 8: March 14th: Happy Rainbow Radio Funtime Show

Waste the Rainbow

Friday 14th March 2014, 7.45pm
Summerhall, Edinburgh
Six Shiny Pounds
for Much Shiny Art

Anatomy is proud to present, unwrap and turn on our March fabuloustacular live, on-stage – for one night only —the Happy Rainbow Radio Funtime Show. For one night only we will be bringing joy, cheer and tickling until painfully pink to Summerhall’s wonderful historical Anatomy Lecture Theatre. For one night only we are exploring the glistening heart of happiness, and meeting the ultimate futility of existence armed with exploding rainbows.

Featuring movement, sound, words, clowns, joy, dance, destruction, DIY, theatre, howling, soapboxes, hoops, screams, songs, laughter.

Featuring Ed Crawley, Jusztina Hermann, Francesca Lacey, Manoli Moriaty & Frances Kay, Klaus Pinter, Sarah Roberts, Sara Zaltash, Scrapyard, and Voice Box Theatre.

Featuring bilge, bunk and balderdash from your bare-faced hosts, Ali Maloney and Harry Giles

Waste the rainbow.

The Acts

Edward Crawley: Death of a Double Bass

a naked man carresses a dying double bass

Death of a Double Bass is the end of two woeful tales, fatefully intertwined. Edward didn’t realise he had said goodbye to his dad for the last time when he left his bedside to acquire a double bass from a friend in England. The following summer the bass was fatally wounded in an accidental fall at Summerhall rendering it beyond economical repair. It returns to the  site of the incident to sanctify its swansong and receive its deathblow. Witnesses to this act of  cathartic destruction and surrender, this letting go of material bound up in melancholy, we invite you to be present with your grief – your own long wounds – sharing these last rare moments of glory,  despair, joy, guilt, beauty and remorse, an acceptance of all life and death – the rainbows alongside the rain – and transcending all, perhaps, to be reborn.

Jusztina Hermann: Fred

a circus strongman plays flirtatiously with his hoops

Fred is a vintage circus strong man. After long years of taming lions, wrestling bears and lifting dumbbells found his real passion: hula hooping. This is a theatre clown act about masculine and feminine, about desire for a muscular body and a poetic mind in a skillfully choreographed hula hoop act. Since 2011 Fred has toured Europe with great success from music to circus festivals and he never fails to conquer hearts and minds with laughter.

Sarah Bebe Holmes: Forth


A crass American talks to her boyfriend, played by a tartan mattress. They discuss Scottish Independence.

written and performed by Sarah Bebe Holmes
directed by Ben Harrison

Francesca Lacey: The Happy Depressive

nine glowing boxes spell happiness, the performer carries one more

Happiness is a really good hug.
Happiness is when I feel my medication starting to work.
Happiness is getting out of bed in the morning and it not being difficult.

Manoli Moriaty & Frances Kay: Sym bi-osis

there is a blur there is sound there is dancing

Two artists of different disciplines become interdependent within an obligate symbiotic relationship, resulting in a single creature exhibiting signs of bipolar behaviour. While both conjoined integrals interact in manners antagonistic  and parasitic, the bastardised creature will experience pain, fear, uncertainty, and disbelief on how little command it possesses over its inner world. Seesawing moments of mania and depression are emerging consecutively between the technologically interconnected dancer and musician act, manifesting with contrasts of intense noise and feverish ambulation alongside disquieting silence and paralytic sloth.

Klaus Pinter: Untitled Interactive Object

a scribbled bat peeks from the corner

Crumple the paper.

Take it home.

Sarah Roberts: The Bloody Avant-Garde

Temple cleaner Mavis bemoans the arrival of the bloody avant-garde on her clean floors. Again.

Sara Zaltash: SEX-SEX-SEX

a glowing face looms from the darkness

A new work that explores pop-song lyrics as collective social memory. Drenched in ultraviolet nostalgia, Sara Zaltash radicalizes singing in a Live Art context and makes an explicit and multivalent statement regarding sex, sexuality and lust in relation to popular music.

Scrapyard: Bert and Flo

an old man leaps like a ballet dancer
(c) Jon Davey Photography

Bert and Flo is the story of a shiny toe-tapping neighbourhood where everyone takes care of each other. But as the devastating effects of grief take hold of one of their number, the moral fabric of the community is challenged. What will we do about Bert and Flo?

Based on a story from John Wright, inspired by ‘A Simple Soul’ by Gustave Flaubert.
Created by Emma Anderson, Jessica Innes, Jenny Logan, Melanie Jordan, Philip Kingscott, Sarah Miele and Caitlin Skinner at Scrapyard.

Voice Box Theatre: Whiz Bang!

a child's scribble. birds sheep people fields rainbows. fear.

This is a child’s game with an adult interpretation. A connection, a disassociation. Funny and disturbing, clumsy and dexterous. The mystery of the imagination re-ravelled. Expect to be confused. Mime, acrobatics, and absurdist.

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