Photos and Reviews from Anatomy #7

all photos (c) Richard Dyson, used with gratitude and recommended highly

The Skinny were lukewarm but but but we are fearless:

““If there is an emergency and you are struggling to escape, do first take a moment to look deep into your souls and ask yourselves the question, was this worth it?” organiser and compère Harry Giles quips with his audience as we begin an evening of six varying independent pieces. Funny guy, Giles. He’s visibly proud of what he and Maloney have created, and so he should be. How can the arts evolve without a platform from which to experiment? .

Random Edinburgh loved us to pieces and we are smiling:

ANATOMY shows us its “working progress” without shame. The audience enjoys it more than storytelling, because we empathise with the honest act of improvisation. We are attending to something alive, which will never happen again. We can feel it. It’s like the human body: it sometimes stinks, it sometimes cries and it suffers pain… but, sometimes it is able to propose the most magnificent sensations.

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