Friday 13th December 2013
7pm (one hour earlier than usual, friends)

Summerhall, Edinburgh


That moment when a sleeper agent awakes inside you, when you realise the shadow figure in the corner of your eye, whose leering presence peers over your shoulder in your most private moments, is your own terrible reflection… When the flesh revolts against the soul; when you hear that deep call for drastic action; when trembling, feeble hands embrace that urge to… KILL YOUR TRAITOR HEART…

A contemporary take on the music hall variety show, ANATOMY is a platform for performance artists of all disciplines; beyond scratch, it creates a stage for risk-taking performance and breath-taking theatrics in Edinburgh’s exciting new multi-arts venue, Summerhall, within a historic anatomy lecture theatre.

“Necessary and vital to the growth of the arts in Edinburgh” — Exeunt Magazine



lottie kixx

Lottie Kixx: Love Savior

Faceless lady of the night performs for the treacherous and soulless consumers of flesh. There is a seven foot fence.

Ms Kixx is a dark and decadent performance artist whose lyrical shows offer an indulgent mix of seductive music, impeccable choreography and exquisite style, she has performed fetish and twisted cabaret burlesque at venues including the London Burlesque Festival, World Burlesque Games, Torture Garden, Skin Two events, New York Rubber Ball, Sydney’s Blue Moon Festival, Festival of Erotic Arts, and more

Mo-seph & Harlequinade: AZIFAZIFAZIF

“Orpheus, shambling & drunk on shadows, sees sunlight & emerges into what he thinks is the world; into what with a blinking look around he decides with only a shade of uncertainty is not merely widening in the passage itself, a kind of rough natural vestibule, but must surely count as the outside. He starts to turn & honestly he supposes it does occur to him before he’s completed the movement that he’s still roofed by stone, that the fresh air really starts about three metres on. & still fractions of a second before he’s caught Eurydice’s eye, still, he would have to admit, in time to stop & walk a few steps on, he decides two things at almost the same instant. The first is that This is ambiguous, not quite tunnel nor quite outside, & that’s not fair; the second, half-predicated on the first, nervously so, is Oh I’m sure it’ll be fine.” – China Miéville’s Waste Books


‘FAILURE lab’ is a weeklong performance workshop laboratory culminating in a public performance. It is open to performance makers and visual artists from diverse backgrounds. Of particular interest to artists wishing to practice improvisation, collaboration, and multi-disciplinary performance. Practice draws from dance and contact improvisation, comedy, physical theatre and devising, writing, vocal play, and an eclectic mix of reading and thought on FAILURE. ‘FAILURE Lab’ challenges normative belief systems, using pop culture as inspiration to examine societal fantasies and expectations, with humour and critical distance


Roberta Orlando: As we use to be

The balance inside relationships and the rhythm of stability on movement,
while two bodies have two needs: the other one and my own.


Aleksandra Roch: When I Meet U

we become one
we are the one
through and by the spectrum
of bodily and out of bodily
signs and interactions
we exchange

all this beauty and ugliness and love and hatred
and everything else that makes us humans
we don’t bear it
we don’t fear it
all alone never again

whatever comes out will always come back
it does it will

what will come to you out of you on this day
what will come out of I what will come to I

transformation direction


Carolyn Wood: Inside Gwendolyn

Is Gwendolyn all that she seems? Some find her inane storytelling and naivety beguiling others a little irritating but harmless nevertheless but not everything seems quite right.  Why does the slightest change in atmosphere cause her to react?  Was it something in the way they stared at her, or that they stood just that little too close, or the way their hands lingered on hers, or their wheezily breath lodged itself in her nostrils; they all wanted something from her; you know, you understand, because they wanted something from you too…

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