Anatomy #7 Call-Out: Kill Your Traitor Heart


Friday 13th December 2013
Summerhall, Edinburgh


+ FailureLab Workshop


That moment when a sleeper agent awakes inside you, when you realise the shadow figure in the corner of your eye, whose leering presence peers over your shoulder in your most private moments, is your own terrible reflection… When the flesh revolts against the soul; when you hear that deep call for drastic action; when trembling, feeble hands embrace that urge to… KILL YOUR TRAITOR HEART…

A contemporary take on the music hall variety show, ANATOMY is a platform for performance artists of all disciplines; beyond scratch, it creates a stage for risk-taking performance and breath-taking theatrics in Edinburgh’s exciting new multi-arts venue, Summerhall, within a historic anatomy lecture theatre.

ANATOMY seeks proposals from theatre practitioners, artists, dancers, music makers and destroyers, puppeteers of junk and flesh, sculptors, story tellers, film makers, clowns, poets, photographers, mimes, installations, painters, weirdos and burlesques; the abstract, the comical, the terrifying, the sublime, the unfathomable, the beautiful, the life-changing and the oddly mundane.

We are looking for brave pieces, 5-20 minutes in length, that transcend the boundaries of genre by smashing, blending or outright ignoring them

Somewhat bucking the seasonal norm, we are inviting proposals involving disconnections within the body; the fifth column revealed; washing the veil of illusion; what will really happen when the chips are down. The theme is loose and you may interpret, subvert or ignore it in any way you wish. Adhering to the theme is not part of the selection criteria.

If ANATOMY is somewhere that you and your art belong, please download this application form and return, completed, as a single file by 10th November 2013 to

Selected acts will have access to rehearsal space before the show, a budget of £30, and full technical support.

Please note that due to structural limitations, we are currently unable to accept applications from aerial acts. Although we hope this to change in the near future.

ANATOMY #7 will also feature a performance from participants in Mary Pearsons’s week long FAILURE Lab workshop.

Drawing from contact improvisation, comedy, physical theatre and devising, writing, vocal play, and an eclectic mix of reading and thought on FAILURE related to cultural, queer and feminist theory, FAILURE Lab is of particular interest to artists wishing to practice or gain skills in improvisation, collaboration, and multi-disciplinary performance. To enrol in this workshop, please contact Summerhall’s Box Office on 0845 874 3001.

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