ANATOMY #4: Silence/Noise/Silence



Friday 8th March
7.45 – 11pm
Summerhall, Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s platform for new performance is back. A contemporary take on the music hall variety show, ANATOMY is a embraces everything that can happen on stage and screen. Beyond scratch, it creates a stage for risk-taking performance and breath-taking theatrics in Edinburgh’s exciting new multi-arts venue, Summerhall, within a historic anatomy lecture theatre.

Anatomy #4 features nine astonishing acts from local and international artists, including contemporary dance, experimental film, cybertheatre, spoken/silent word, piano dissection, physical performance and boylesque.

It’ll also feature stuff and nonsense from your congenial hosts, Ali Maloney and Harry Giles.

“Necessary and vital to the growth of the arts in Edinburgh” — Exeunt Magazine


In the beauty of the day
Rachel Amey

Poetry of space, of word,
of the language
of the body
in the world.


Beautiful Art Feminist
Phoebe Cottam

Beautiful Art Feminist is an experimental piece of cinema which investigates art and death and challenges our fragile ideas about presence and absence. It uses a mixture of poetry, music, radio, video art by Hilary Donald and new footage by Phoebe Cottam.  The piece evolves gradually from a meditative and paced beginning to explore the confusion and hysteria that accompanies a death. Putting Hilary’s art in the context of her death questions her absence and the meaning of authorship.


Pour Homme
Tom Harlow

Pour Homme is an exploration of masculinty and male sexuality through song, dance and striptease. Tom Harlow invites you to watch as he sings, dances and even strips to try and reveal the answer to a simple question, “What is a man?” Tom will be performing exerts from his first ever solo show that will be premiered in Glasgow on March 15th at The Virginia Gallery. Tom Harlow is a male Burlesque performer and Cabaret singer based in Glasgow and has been performing all over the UK since Dec 2010.

Tessitura - Lucille Teppa

Lucille Teppa

Tessitura, “weaving” in English, is a quirky and odd dance. Its frenzied and dense quality results from a musical composition of movement closely related to Italian pianist Stefano Bollani’s cover of Angel Villoldo’s tango ‘El Choclo’ (1903).
Brief and elusive solo work, Tessitura is an ephemeral signature which, in a single passing, vanishes as it is being performed. Bringing emphasis on its process over its result, Tessitura is a self-erasing procedure, an event from which nothing remains. Tessitura has been performed at the Black Box Festival in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and at the Winter Dance Faktry in Wales.


Still Life
Leo Olamerino

Still Life is the first in a series of pieces where Olamerino utilises the body as a tool and subject for the first time, in an attempt to explore things there isn’t a word for, feelings, emotions, stories that cannot be contained within words. Leo Olamerino is an artist and producer, hailing from France and currently living and working in Lancaster. /


Anatomy of a Piano
Will Pickvance

A look at the emotional, physical and spiritual anatomy of the piano, with stories about, songs around, the playing on, the dissection of, a piano.



Turn Sideways Into You
Linda Ravenswood and Brian Sonia-Wallace

Although we are able to reach out to one another (through technologies of signals, letters in the post, under oceans, with satellites and towers to guide our communications) there remains a cruel barrier between us with regards to connection.  What happens to a partnership when one half of it is always absent?  The project creators never met in person to work, so the words of the performance are two halves of a dialogue that takes place in different temporal locations — drawn from texts, email, phone calls, and social networks. The subject is the cruelty of absence.  What happens when our real bodies do not exist in the same place without cyborg projections?  Now, we are together.  We are in Los Angeles.  But you are here, collectively, in this room, in Edinburgh.  Now, it is you who are absent.


moshi moshi
un dó dance theatre (Monika Smekot & Iraya Noble)

‘moshi moshi’ is a short dance/physical theatre piece about communication.   Being aware or not we are constantly communicating things. Our choices are always sending some kind of message to the world. As recipients we are not always able to understand the message, but we keep communicating all the time: the shape of our bodies, the way we walk, things we decide to eat, music we love to listen to, the clothes we decide to wear, the moment that we can’t hold back the tears, the people we are getting pissed off at. These are all messages of who we are and what we want and need in life.

Blood Bone and Gold_publicity image

Blood, Bone and Gold
Voice Box Theatre Company in collaboration with Merlin’s Song

A dark tale of misunderstanding. Using movement, acrobatics, dramatic vocalisation and intense character work. Beowulf’s Monster, the ultimate scapegoat Grendel seeks the humanity that has been denied him. His mother has forgotten, Dragon speaks in Riddles.

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