ANATOMY #3: Callout for Proposals

Friday 14th December 2012
Summerhall, Edinburgh


Following on from the sell-out successes of of ANATOMY #1 and #2, we are delighted to announce our return to a more regular spot. ANATOMY #3: PANTOMIME FOR THE END OF TIME is the first in a regular year-round programme of our spectacular performance variety.

A contemporary take on the music hall variety show, ANATOMY is a platform for performance artists of all disciplines. Beyond scratch, it creates a stage for risk-taking performance and breath-taking theatrics in Edinburgh’s exciting new multi-arts venue, Summerhall, within a historic anatomy lecture theatre.

ANATOMY seeks proposals from theatre practitioners, artists, dancers, music makers and destroyers, sculptors, story tellers, film makers, clowns, poets, photographers, mimes, installations, painters, weirdos and burlesques; the abstract, the comical, the terrifying, the sublime, the unfathomable, the beautiful, the life-changing and the oddly mundane.

Proposals should be for pieces of 5-20 minutes in length.

There is, as the more eagle-eyed may have noticed, a vague theme for ANATOMY #3. Celebrating both ‘the season’ and the pre-scheduled end of all life and existence as we know it, we would welcome proposals involving, responding to or becoming a PANTOMIME FOR THE END OF TIME. This theme is loose and you are free to use it strictly, loosely or not at all; adhering to the theme is not a deciding factor in selection.

If ANATOMY is somewhere that you and your art belong, please download an applicaton form from here and return, completed, as a single file, by 9th November 2012 to:

Selected acts will have access to rehearsal space in the week before the show, technical support, and a small expenses budget of £30.

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