ANATOMY #2: 28th September

ANATOMY #2: 28th September 2012, 7.30pm, £6

Further to the sell-out success of ANATOMY #1, Edinburgh’s new night of cutting edge performance returns to Summerhall with another line-up of performance in all its wonderful and myriad forms.

Live film soundtrack, nauseous puppetry, tender dance, dystopian crooning, barnacled storytelling, experimental theatre and visual art combine in a truly unique and exciting event that. ANATOMY promises to build on its successful launch, which saw contemporary dance nestle with short films that then went on to Cannes, Vonnegutian theatre, live art and physical performance.

Co-director Harry Giles said:

“Our first night proved that there’s a huge hunger for nights like this in Edinburgh – places where people can come to enjoy new and experimental work, and where artists can share strange and wonderful ideas. We’re delighted to be working with Summerhall on a second edition, and to be part of its growing reputation as a year-round home for art and performance.”

The Artists

Fall of a window cleaner (film / live soundtrack)
Julien Longchamp / Apostrophe Ensemble

Lead by Julien Lonchamp, the Apostrophe Ensemble endeavours to create and perform orchestral scores to original short films, incorporating a contemporary dimension into the traditional craft of film scoring. Fall of a window cleaner tells the surreal tale of a man who gets sucked into the building he is falling from. The soundtrack was developed through workshops with the AIC Ensemble and Mr McFall’s Chamber. The short film was commissioned by the Arches in Glasgow and premiered at the 2011 Arches LIVE Festival. At Anatomy #2 the Apostrophe Ensemble will perform the soundtrack live during the film projection.

The Box (clownery)
Lewis Sherlock and Lisa Hayes

Two characters walk into a bar….well not a bar, it’s more of a box. So, two characters walk into a box…

One is a nuclear physicist and the other,  a Gothic Mistress of Darkness.

I say walked… more –  ended up there. And what happens in the box stays in the box.

Secrets told, fantasies revealed and truths uncovered…

One turns to the other and says….

GlitterGrid (dance / physical)
Jack Webb

GlitterGrid is an extraordinary dance performance of physical and performative transformation. It is a moment where the performer is concerned only with going beyond his physical, emotional and external limits, transforming between moments of euphoria and primal existence with hints of a glittering Rock persona. Contains glitter.

BLACKHOLESUN (lounge singing)
Michelle Hannah

A self portrait as dystopian lounge singer using fragmentation and repetitive appropriation to give an air of otherness and esoteric electronic channelling. The intimate performance uses the founding principles of Cabaret: engage, entice and repulse equally in artifice. For this self portrait Hannah wear a uniform of shadows.

Kopf Hoch, Mut Hoch, Humor Hoch 1 and 2 (film / public art)
Oliver Benton

“The square … of the common people, the square of bazaars, puppet theatres, taverns, that is, the square of European cities in the thirteenth, fourteenth, and subsequent centuries … in earlier times itself constituted a state … it constituted the entire state apparatus with all its official organs. It was the highest court, the whole of science, the whole of art. The entire people participated in it…” – Bakhtin

If the modern social paradigm finds its heart in consumerism, then our town square is the high street, and Oliver Benton is trying trying his best to be the fool.

Demolition in Progress (dance)
Jai Hutchison (choreography); Amira Kremers, Karen McArthur, Elizabeth Rawes and Lucy Wilso (dancers)

“I see before me today so many people on a pathway of destruction.”

A danced exploration into the self-destructive ways of our society that I continue to see around me every day. The work draws on very human experiences, including some very personal journeys of the dancers. It explores the idea of a personal turmoil, an inner struggle that appears when personally looking at the idea of what truly makes us the person we are.

* * *

Not Turning Up (performance / presentation)
JDA Winslow

The UK premier of Not Turning Up, J.D.A. Winslow’s most lauded piece of performance art will be taking place as part of Anatomy #2. The piece will be running throughout the evening with a special two minute presentation taking place at the height of the night.

* * *

Archipelago (storytelling)
Conrad and Willy Molleson

A darkly humorous account about overcoming adversity; having been caught up in a deluge, our forlorn crew voyage from the North-West of Scotland heading toward the Capital city, supported along the way by a colourful narrative and music to aid navigation on this engaging and entertaining journey.

Sanitise (theatre scratch)
Melanie Jordan and Caitlin Skinner

In the most private of places, you can flush the undesirable away in an instant. But what is dirty and what is clean? Sanitise is a solo performance set in a bathroom about a woman who is confused. It’s about desire, cleanliness and liberation and it’s inspired by conversations with ordinary, everyday women. Basically, it’s about sex. It’s a work-in-progress and we want to know what you think.

* * *

it could be lost (dance / physical)
Monika Smekot and Iraya Noble

How long it takes to breathe in and out?
How long it takes to forgive?
How long it takes to make a decision?

What is the distance between your steps?
What is the gap between rain drops?
What is the space between the flower and the root?

In Time and Space the RHYTHM is born – present in each cell of the body and each particle of the universe. Everything has its own unique beat that has important part in great symphony of life. Fear, judgment and ego can make us deaf to hear what our honest life force is.

‘it could be lost’ is a short rhythmical poem about the importance of recognising the uniqueness of our personal rhythm and keeping it alive.

(c) Anna Czerwinska

Maximum Exposure (film / movement)
Haleh Jamali and Monica De Ioanni

In this video triptych, the same figure appears in an empty room where shows her struggle to signify her emotional and motional personal space. First: a bird’s-eye view. She moves in both choreographed and improvised sequences and tries to re-create her psychological and kinesthetic space that appears to be violated. Second: she appears in confrontational close-up portrait. Through her gaze she reveals her sense of herself as an individual. Third: she appears to be spinning clockwise, a process for finding a balance within her surrounding environment and strengthening her sense of self and individuality.

Shambolica Presents… Something A Little Tasty (clownery)

“Roll up! Roll up! See the surreal comedic shat-fest of SHAMBOLICA! Gather round to witness the amazing Klaus the Clown and Baron Punch perform stupendous acts of art eccentricities and puppetry, which will stupefy and offend.

Shambolica Presents… will be a one night only event where the primary purpose is pure unadulterated entertainment and intoxication of the mind, senses and soul. Shambolica will improvise a situation comedy for all, and none, of the family!

Through a mix of puppetry, improv, theatre, music and audience interaction Shambolica have designed and constructed a set, of sorts, for their own show, where the viewer will be invited to paint, laugh, join in communal music making, drink, draw and cry. The audience are encouraged to take part in the ‘scene’ and embrace the event as an evolving art piece that knows no boundaries.

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