Anatomy #2: Callout for Performers

~a performance variety~
Friday 28th September
Summerhall, Edinburgh


Further to the success of of ANATOMY #1, we are delighted to announce our return.

ANATOMY is a new platform for performance artists of all disciplines; beyond scratch, it creates a stage for risk-taking performance and breath-taking theatrics in Edinburgh’s exciting  new multi-arts venue, Summerhall, within a historic anatomy lecture theatre.

ANATOMY seeks proposals from theatre practitioners, artists, dancers, sculptors, story tellers, film makers, clowns, poets, mimes, installations, painters, weirdos and burlesques; the abstract, the comical, the terrifying, the sublime, the unfathomable, the beautiful, the life-changing and the oddly mundane.

Proposals should be for performances or pieces under 10 minutes of length. However, there is scope for two longer, up to 20 minutes, pieces. If you wish to apply for these, please make a case for your longer time needs in the application.

ANATOMY is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation, and so we cannot currently offer artist fees, though as artists ourselves we certainly plan to be able to in the future. However, as part of participation, you will be offered free places in our professional artist workshops, which we are running as a new strand of ANATOMY this time round. We will also work hard to cover all technical and publicity requirements to support your work as strongly as possible.

Please download an application form and return by 14th August 2012 to:

We will contact all applicants with the results by 28th August 2012.

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